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What if All Your Client Attraction and Management System was

From Start to Finish?

Now you can get...

ALL the tools you'll need to sell, convert, and maintain new clients including:

  • Lead magnets

  • Pricing and services handbook

  • Onboarding packet

  • Progress trackers

  • Mindfulness worksheets

  • Exit packet

  • and much more!

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The Ultimate Business Startup toolkit gives you everything you need to kick-start your wellness business in days, not months!

Get completely customizable, pre-written client attraction and management templates for every step of your client journey!

Your Client Journey in 6 Steps...

Get Access Now For Only $97!


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Get clients through the door with lead magnets and opt-in freebies.

Showcase your amazing work using a catalog of your programs and services.

Set  goals and coaching expectations using intake forms and coaching agreements.

Keep your clients engaged with worksheets and daily journals.

Monitor results through progress trackers and daily logs.

Exit packet to transition from one membership, course or VIP program to another.

Here's what you get...


Ready to attract your dream clients? 


Use this Food-Symptom Journal as a lead magnet or opt-in freebie to help your potential client get in the habit of eating mindfully and identify food reactions.


This journal is easily edited and customized in Canva, feel free to mix and match with other customizable products in our store.



  • How-to page

  • 1 Day sample journal

  • 7-Day journal with prompts

  • Promo page for your programs

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Your leads won't automatically convert into paying clients, it requires a good strategy to introduce yourself as the expert and show your potential clients why they should hire you.

Use this pre-written template with prompts, to introduce your wellness business, clinical practice or online coaching programs in a manner that builds the 'Know, Like and Trust' factors that get you hired!



  • About me page

  • What to expect

  • Areas of expertise

  • Practice overview

  • How it works

  • Work with me

  • Services and pricing list

  • Signature program highlight

  • Special offer

  • Testimonials

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Contact me 


When your client hits that sign up button and pays for your online program, course or 1:1 packages, what happens next?


You need a toolkit to engage and get things running immediately.


With our New Client Onboarding packet, you can seamlessly settle your clients into your wellness practice without vital details falling through the cracks.


  • Welcome letter

  • Getting started

  • Coaching history form

  • Coaching agreement

  • Code of ethics

  • What to expect

  • Program overview

  • Confidentiality  agreement

  • Session checklist

  • Pre-session questionnaire

  • Post-session questionnaire

  • Payment agreement

  • Invoice


This is not a blank template. Every single document is written for you and ready to use!

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Help your clients turn their health goals into reality in one simple step a day!


Use this journal to keep your clients engaged and accountable to their health goals daily.


This is a ready to use journal including seven pages of thought provoking prompts to elicit deep thinking and mindfulness. 



  • Sleep 

  • Meditate

  • Relax

  • Connect

  • Reflect

  • Set goals

  • Take care


What is the sure bet way to know if your program is working?

Progress tracking!


This is a ready to use packet including 12+ pages of worksheets and trackers to help clients log progress towards their health goals.


Works excellently with the mindfulness worksheets for a robust coaching experience for you and your clients!



  • Daily food journal

  • Stress trigger log

  • Symptom tracker

  • Daily planner

  • Weekly mini-wins

  • Weekly reflection

  • Hydration tracker

  • Daily task tracker

  • Bristol stool chart

  • Poop tracker

  • Sleep tracker

  • Habit tracker

  • Goal planner

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Looking for seamlessly ways to transition clients out of one program to another?


Use this exit packet to  highlight next steps for your clients to continue their journey to wholeness.


What's more? You will have tools to incentivise your clients for coming back or even referring more clients to you!


  • Client feedback forms

  • Program assessment

  • Program recap

  • Referral request

  • Testimonial request

  • Next visit coupon

But Wait...There's More!

We didn't leave any stone unturned! Check out these amazing bonuses, ready-to-use for marketing and converting your leads into paying clients.

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20 Nutrition Articles

If you've ever sat in front of a blank screen wondering what to write, you'll love this DONE-FOR-YOU article bundle. Use these as blog posts, video scripts, social media captions or website copy. 

done-for-you e-books.jpg

30 Social Media Posts

As you know, social media is quite demanding and requires consistency. This bundle covers the basics of general health, nutrition and stress. You will have enough content to post for at least a month or two ready to go.

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4 Session Scripts

This is the ultimate tool for moving your interested leads to paying clients. This manual includes step-by-step guide on how to do your discovery calls confidently without sounding 'salesy' and 3 more scripts for free consults, initial and follow-up sessions.

Consider this your well oiled, ready-to-use, time saving machine!

Get It all For Only $97!

Here's How Easy It Works





Download Instantly

Get immediate lifetime access to your purchases in just a few clicks.

Make it your own

Add your logo, edit text, add your brand colors and fonts.

Attract new clients

Use your content to attract leads and grow your business with rights to use your digital assets as often as you please.

Grow your business

Consistently roll out new offers to your clients within minutes instead of days, without the hassle of creating content from scratch.


Every piece of content is brandable and easily changed to suit your own brand identity.

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We ensure that all content is properly vetted for accuracy of information by our team of physicians and coaches.


Your digital assets are immediately available and ready for use with continuous access to updates. 

Let's Recap, Here's Everything You'll Get...


  • Food-Symptom Journal

  • Services and pricing guide

  • Onboarding packet

  • Progress tracking kit

  • Mindfulness worksheets

  • Exit packet


  • 4 Session scripts

  • 30 Social media posts

  • 20 Articles

Here's a

sneak peek

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We are extremely proud of the products we create and  know anyone who buys them and implements the system will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. While we can’t guarantee that this product will make your business an overnight sensation. We can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of these product templates and the time and stress it will save you.


Of course, If you’re not happy with the system, we will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.